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Axten's Nursery and Lanscape Services

The Axten's Nursery and Landscaping business has been a family run business since 1954. Brothers Butch (Victor R. III), Michael and Danny Axten now run the business nurtured by their late father Victor R Axten Jr. and started by their grandfather the late Victor R Axten Sr. over 50 years ago.

Butch is now the general manager supervising all areas. Michael handles design and estimates of high quality residential renovations while Danny oversees the retail and wholesale nursery operations.


Axten's Nursery and Landscaping offers rare and unusual specimens of nursery stock providing their customers with a large selection to choose from. We also have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer all of your Landscaping questions.

Satisfied customers are key to keeping the business growing. Axten's landscape division specializes in design and custom build landscapes, incorporating interlocking pavers to create patios and walkways. Axten's staff are ICPI Certified, which is an EP Henry trade standard.


Axten's Nursery is located on Tomlinson Mill Road, Marlton NJ which is directly across form the Marlton Elementary and Middle Schools. The property was purchased in 1970 and consists of 14 acres of own grown nursery stock, including some very unique specimens.

Stop by and ask for a tour.

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