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Axten's Nursery and Landscape Services, has been a family run business since 1954, now in it's 3rd. generation, brothers Butch (Victor R. Axten III), Michael and Daniel now run the family business, nurtured by thier late father Victor R. Axten Jr. and started by thier grandfather the late Victor R. Axten Sr. over 55 years ago. 
Butch Axten is now the General Manager, Overseeing and working with all facets of the landscaping, hardscaping and nursery operations of the business.
Michael Axten is now the company's designer and estimator of landscape and hardscape projects, also serving key roles between our customers and our foremen and crews, as our family has a very hands on approach to getting the work done as portrayed to our customers.
Daniel Axten manages the retail and wholesale nursery sales center in Marlton, which has been open to the public for over 15 years, as well as the nursery operations at both the Marlton and Pine Hill New Jersey locations, where most of the company's nursery stock is grown.
Walter Herrmann is a foreman on many of our projects involving landscaping, hardscaping, waterfeatures, landscape lighting, etc. Wally has been with the company since 1994.
Matthew Nichols is assistant nursery manager in both sales center and production aspects of the nursery operations. Matt handles much of the delivery scheduling and general sales at the nursery, and has been with company since 1996.
Virginia M Axten, is quite possibly, the most important person in the entire company, working always behind the scenes and with very little recognition, she handles most of the general secretarial work and all of the company's bookwork, and has for more than three decades.
At the nursery, we strive to provide our customers with a wide selection of inventory to choose from including rare, unusual and large sizes of plant material, not easily found at other nurseries and garden centers, as well as a large selection of general nursery stock and related landscape products, such as bulk soils, mulches and decorative stone, crushed stone, various sizes and types of boulders and palletized wallstone. Delivery of our products is available locally. Our knowlegeable staff will be happy to answer your questions and concerns, and we look forward to servicing your needs. Please call for current business hours at the nursery, as they change seasonaly, (856-985-1835) Thank You.
The services we provide, landscaping, hardscaping and otherwise, give us the opportunity to use our high quality materials and unique ideas along with our customers vision for thier home and property, to create a design product that we can both be proud of.
Axten's Nursery and Landscape Services is located at 155 Tomlinson Mill Rd. Marlton, NJ 08053
It is directly across from the Marlton Elementary school (look for the BIG GREEN BARN).
The 14 acre nursery, which also serves as our sales center and base of operation was purchased in 1970 and is open to the public. Please call for current business hours or directions. (856-985-1835)
Thank You and we look forward to seeing you!
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